The Benefits of becoming a member

  • Free entrance & parking and access to the Members’ Dining section on the terrace at the Royal Show
  • Free entrance to the Garden Show (this does not include parking)
  • Continual members for 12 months or more, are eligible to attend and vote at the Society’s Annual General Meeting

How to become a member

Complete an application form, pay the required fees and collect your access permit from our offices.

Download a copy of the application form here:

Types of membership

  • Individual or Family Membership – You may become a member of the society as an individual or as a family group.
  • Company Membership –  Company membership requires the joining company to nominate its permit holders in the first year and entitles the Company, if necessary, to change the names of its permit holders at the commencement of each new membership year.
  • Adult Membership – An adult is one who, in any year of membership, has turned 18 years of age on or before the 1st of January of that year and who has not achieved his/her 60th birthday on or before the 1st of January of that year.
  • Junior Membership – A junior is one who, in any year of membership, is over 6 years and has not achieved his/her 18th birthday on or before the 1st January of that year.
  • Pensioner Membership – A pensioner is one who has reached 60 years of age by 1st January of that year.

Membership Fees (including VAT)

  • Joining Fees
    Once off fee R300.00 per member (applicable for new members only. At the sole discretion of the Society, this may be waived in the case of children of a guardian or parent or employees of a company who have been members in good standing for at least 12 months.)
  • Annual Subscription Fees
    Adult – R180.00
    Junior – R 90.00
    Pensioner – R90.00

The Society’s membership year commences on 1 January.

Members will be mailed an invoice in January of each year and payment can be made by cheque, cash, card or bank transfer.

A copy of the Society’s Constitution is available on request. The rights and privileges of members are set out in section 3.

Members will be issued with a magnetic swipe card clearly marked “Member”. To this end, you are requested to return the fully completed application form (attached) as soon as possible

Parking- Royal Show only
Concurrently with registration, a parking disk will be issued to each Adult member.

Members Terrace – private dining area
Concurrently with registration, an access permit will be issued to each member.

Members Terrace – private dining area; day permit for non-members
Members may purchase a day permit to entertain a guest for R20.00 from the Society’s offices.

Office Hours
Please note that the Society’s offices will be open for registration and collection of permits, Monday to Friday from    08h15 through 15h45.